Gillingham, Mere and Shaftesbury Lions Club and ASDA Foundation


We are very fortunate that Gillingham, Mere and Shaftesbury Lions Club made a successful application  to the Asda Foundation on behalf of Hipp!!Bones.  Many thanks to GMS President  Brian Anderson and GMS Community Service officer  Denise Stenner who presented Hipp!!Bones Youth Support Worker in Charge Jeni Green with  various cooking equipment, Lego, kinetic sand, games, paper and lots lots more….



King’s Court Masonic Lodge

Many thanks to Roger from the King’s Court Masonic Lodge who presented Bones and Hipp!!Bones with a cheque to pay for the cost of installing a shared cooker.  Frustratingly, over the past year we have only been able to cook on a shared hob, or using other appliances such as a toaster or smoothie maker, but with creative planning we have managed to sustain member’s enthusiasm for cooking. Now we can expand on this to cook simple meals and snacks, developing members life skills as they transition into adulthood.



Gillingham, Mere and Shaftesbury Lions Club.

Many thanks for your kind donation of £200 to purchase software for our new touch screen computer.

Cash Bingo ‘Raffle’ at the Olive Bowl, Gillingham – 8th January 2019

Many thanks to everyone who came along to this months cash bingo at the Olive Bowl and purchased raffle tickets. We raised an amazing £292.00 for Hipp!!Bones, special thanks go to Serena for nominating us.

Hipp!!Bones Christmas Bingo – 23rd November 2018 

We would like to thank ‘Friends of Hipp!!Bones’ for raising an amazing £439.00 at there ‘Christmas Bingo’ fundraiser. Special thanks go to Sam who made her debut as a bingo caller, and for everyone who supported the event. We received lots of positive feedback including: ‘brilliant prizes’, ‘amazing gifts’, and ‘whens the next one?’

Hipp!!Bones Jumble Sale – 17th November 2018 

We would like to thank ‘Friends of Hipp!!Bones’ for raising an amazing £207.00 at the jumble  sale and a further £210.00 through ‘Bags for Schools.’ Thanks to everyone who organised the jumble, made donations, and supported the event.

‘Lovely Cakes’ – 13th October 2018 – Vicarage Schoolroom

We would like to thank Eileen Piper and her team for raising an amazing £97.99 through the sale of cakes and light lunches on Saturday the 13th October; and Sandy Howard for her kind  donation of £50. We raised a further £50 through our tombola. Thanks to everyone who supported this event.


Waitrose Community Matters

We were very privileged to be chosen as one of the nominees put forward for Waitrose Community Matters in March 2018, and were the beneficiaries of an amazing £580.00 Thank you to everyone who voted for us.